Facts: The Best Window Tinting Film for a Tesla

Window Tinting Services

Finding good window tint for your Tesla can improve the appearance and protect the interior. Before installing window tint on your Tesla, make sure you do your research. You’ll want to find a professional company to do the install and also take into consideration your state’s laws to determine how dark the tint should be.

Car Window Tinting: Benefits and the Law

Car Window Tint Can Reduce Harmful UV Exposure

The best window tint for your Tesla will protect you from harmful UV rays. When you have a car, you expect to be comfortable, especially if you spend a lot of time in it. Harmful UV rays can cause short and long-term damage to your skin.

The UV rays can also damage the interior of your car, from the seats to any vinyl and plastic components. Protecting the interior will also help maintain the value of your car.

Keeps Your Car Cool

High quality window films are able to block heat and keep the car cooler so that your AC doesn’t have to work as hard.

Makes Your Car Look Good

Window tinting is one of the fastest ways to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle.

It Provides Privacy

You can invest in the best window tint for privacy by choosing a high quality film that won’t fade but will maintain its appearance over time.

The amount of privacy a window film provides depends on its VLT. VLT stands for visible light transmission and films with lower VLT percentages offer more privacy. That said, it’s to know your state’s laws to determine how dark you can legally tint your windows. However, most states agree that the back of a truck or SUV can be as dark as you’d like.

When choosing a window tint installer, look for clean shops that take measures to keep install areas free from dust and other contaminates. Since window tint is an aftermarket product, there will always be some imperfections, but these can be reduced by installing the film in a clean environment.

It is always better to hire a professional to install your window film. Experienced window tinters have the proper tools and techniques to produce cleaner installs. Look for a shop that offers a good warranty on both the film and the install.

Types of window tint in McDonough, Georgia

The most common types of Tesla window tint include:

Ceramic Window Tint

Nano-ceramic films prevent harmful UV rays and block infrared heat. They are ideal for protecting the interior of the vehicle and providing a more comfortable driving experience. Ceramic films are able to block heat without darkening your windows. Clear ceramic films are are a popular option for front windshields. They block heat and help protect your dash from bubbling, fading, peeling and cracking.

Other Types Of Window Tint

Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tint is one of the least expensive options. It is primarily for looks and privacy. If you choose dyed tint, make sure it is a color stable film that will not fade over time.

Metallic Window Tint

This film gives your windows a reflective finish. However, the metal in the film can interfere with your cell phone, GPS or bluetooth devices.

Hybrid Window Tint

This film is a mixture of metalized and dyed tint. It doesn’t have as much metal as metallic films and therefore isn’t as likely to interfere with the technology in your vehicle.

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