Window Tinting 101

It’s time to go back to school!

If you haven’t had car window tinting services in a while, it may be time for a refresher course on today’s window tinting technology. Even if you’ve never had your car’s windows tinted, this information is also for you to get the best possible film for your vehicle.

Choosing a reputable installer.

This point is critical – choose your installer wisely! Window tinting isn’t easy and a lot of people who say they can do it will leave you wishing you would’ve done your homework.

  1. Look for a clean, well-maintained shop. Give the guy on the side of the gas station an A for his hustle but think twice before you trust your car to a less than professional or dirty shop in the name of saving money. Window tinting requires extremely clean conditions in a controlled environment. This explains why some film manufacturers won’t sell to mobile tinters. Once dirt, hair and other contaminants are under the film, they are trapped forever. And trapped dirt in your windows isn’t attractive by anyone’s standards.
  • Check the online reputation of the window tinting shop. In today’s world, no online presence is a red flag and so are bad reviews. No shop is perfect but look for common themes in the reviews. How did the shop respond to a customer who had issues? What was the wait time? Were customers happy with the final product?
  • Confirm installation times. Know in advance if you’re required to drop off the vehicle or if you can wait on it.  An efficient shop will have multiple installers who are able to quickly complete installations. However, these places can be tough to find. Many tint shops are also home to car stereo installs, lift kits and other services that occupy their space and schedule, making it difficult to deliver fast window tinting services. Look for a dedicated tint shop that only focuses on film and closely related services (i.e., paint protection). A jack of all trades is still the master of none.

Find a Quality Film

All window film is not the same. Look for quality, durability, and technology.

  1. Follow the industry’s golden rule: Cheap tint ain’t good and good tint ain’t cheap. A quality film will have a life-time warranty that is guaranteed to never bubble, fade, peel, crack or change colors. If it gets especially hot where you live (i.e. the south), a quality film should be the only option you consider. Cheap film doesn’t stand a chance in blazing heat. The adhesive breaks down and you’re left with a rear window covered with unsightly bubbles. The bubbles aren’t only embarrassing, but quickly become a safety hazard when you can no longer see out of your rear window. Most shops charge a premium for tint removal and you always risk losing your defrost lines during the process. For many people this means they have to replace the entire window.

When you call a shop, ask for the type of film they use and then go to the manufacturer’s website to make sure they’re listed as a dealer in good standing.

  • Look for the best film technology. Window film has come a long way just like cell phones and computers. Dark tint used to be the only way to get relief from the heat in the summer. Today, quality ceramic films block heat and harmful UV rays. But beware: just because a film is ceramic doesn’t mean its quality. Some ceramic films will bubble, peel and change colors if it’s not built to last. The key is quality. And quality films are always going to cost more but are well worth the investment.
  • Find a shop with computer cut patterns. While many installers can hand cut beautifully, nothing is more accurate and consistent than computer cut film. It’s the best way to get a factory finish since the patterns come from the manufacturer’s specs for your specific vehicle.

Tint Genius is focused on high-quality films, fast installations and computer cut patterns. Contact Tint Genius today to get your vehicle tinted in a clean, safe environment by experienced installers.